Dircet Marketing


Concept and Success of Direct Marketing

Direct selling is face-to-face marketing that makes the product reach the end-consumer without a permanent retail outlet or location. Direct Marketing depends on direct selling and relationship referral. Any product or service can be sold by a parent multi-level marketing company through a chain of distributors who work without a salary getting commission based on volume of sales.


Just like the banyan tree that sends down aerial roots and gets nourishment from the earth through these, each distributor can recruit down-line distributors and form their own distribution organizations. Each distributor earns commission from the business done by his entire downline group. The parent organization gets the benefit of these subsidiary organizations and expands in proportion to the number of subsidiary organizations.

‘Circle of Trust’ generally refers to a group of people who believe in the quality of the products of the company and are never doubtful of the possible marketing success of every product and service that is released by the company.

Here, in direct marketing, the Circle of Trust; also refers to a process of advancement of ideas. Great ideas of substance are advanced and spread through personal connections. These ideas are then democratized across accessible platforms of propaganda. This results in uncanny insights about the influence of the ideas. These resultant marketing ideas are injected back into the process thus completing the circle.