Fenugreena – 60 CAPS 500mg – Rs:840

Fenugreek, Trigonellafoenum-graecum, is a popular herb in India and Arabic regions used traditionally for flavouring dishes and as a medicine for treating boils, tuberculosis, cellulitis, inflammations, diabetes, menstrual disorders, obesity, etc. It has got diuretic effects and is believed to enhance libido and masculinity and to increase testosterone production. Though clinical evidence is limited to substantiate the claim, lactating mothers whose milk production is too low are advised to take fenugreek as it is a time proven folk medicine for increasing milk production.

Blood sugar metabolism problems like diabetes can be effectively controlled through the use of fenugreek. This is because the most widely known compound in fenugreek, 4-hydroxyisoleucine, together with other compounds in it like trigonelline, galactomannan, and trigoneosides, helps in normalizing the glucose metabolism.

Fenugreek seeds can be eaten as whole seeds, brewed into a tea, made into flour and baked into bread, or pressed into oil. Taking the extract will reduce the quantity of required intake and it will be easier to assimilate into the system.

Advantages of Fenugreena

  • The compound 4-hydroxisoleucine helps in normalizing blood glucose metabolism and successfully works against diabetes
  • Compounds like trigonelline, galactomannan, and trigoneosides also help in this
  • Has diuretic effects
  • Can control inflammations, cellulitis and boils
  • Increases milk production in lactating mothers
  • Is helpful in recovering from tuberculosis and reduces the gravity of the disease
  • Helps inlowering cholesterol
  • Regularise menstrual cycle


Take two or three capsules a day. You can just swallow it and wash it down with your favourite fruit or vegetable juice or plain water. You can start the habit with just one a day and increase the quantity to three a day.


Fenugreena is the pure extract of fenugreek seeds, in their purest and most natural form, collected from organically cultivated farms. The best available seeds are subjected to a streamlined process of extraction that ensures the retention of maximum effectiveness of the product. Transportation through various climatic zones will not reduce that effectiveness of the product as the methods of packing and forwarding are scientifically perfected against such losses. No harmful side effect has been reported, except in the use by pregnant women who are advised to consult a physician before starting to use this product.

Fenugreena can help in the treatment of inflammations and boils, tuberculosis, cellulitis, etc. It can enhance milk production in lactating mothers and boost up the libido and masculinity and increase testosterone production in men. The compounds 4-hydroxyisoleucine, trigonelline, galactomannan, and trigoneosides in Fenugreena help in normalizing the glucose metabolism and can effectively work against type II diabetes.

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